15 best affiliate programs in India

best affiliate programs in India

What Does Affiliate Program Mean? An affiliate program is an electronic relationship between online advertisers and affiliates. The affiliates are people who are recruited by these web advertisers. The affiliates hold their websites where they place the advertisements provided by the web advertisers. These advertisements which are posted on the websites of affiliates are known … Read more

How To Become a Babysitter?


Who is a babysitter? A babysitter is a person that parents or guardians of a child hire to take care of the child on their behalf when they aren’t available for their kid. Since it’s just for the timing when the child’s parents aren’t available, parents hire a babysitter temporarily, unlike a nanny. Jobs Hiring Near … Read more

How to get freelancing clients: 7 Proven methods that work!

freelance clients

Freelancing is a concept where a person is not committed or employed to a particular job for the long term but is self-employed. Self-employed means that a person works independently on a project or contract basis. Freelancing is applicable in every field be it content writing, journalism, consultancy, or anything. One has to possess some … Read more