best affiliate programs in India

15 best affiliate programs in India

What Does Affiliate Program Mean? An affiliate program is an electronic relationship between online advertisers and affiliates. The affiliates are people who are recruited by these web advertisers. The affiliates hold their websites where they place the advertisements provided by the web advertisers. These advertisements which are posted on the websites of affiliates are known as affiliate links. They are called so because once the user clicks on them, it takes the user to the main company’s website. For this purpose, the affiliates are required to join any affiliate programs, most of which are free of cost. When the user clicks on the affiliate link and buys or purchases anything from the website of the company, the affiliates are entitled to the commission out of that purchase.

best affiliate programs in India

It is the choice of the affiliates which advertisements they want to showcase on their websites. The selection of ads is based on many factors. Affiliates know which kind of users visit their websites and in what kind of ads they might be interested. They select the ads according to this and might also look into the commission structure of various companies. Based on these things, affiliates choose between different ads and banners to be displayed on their websites.

Affiliate programs have become very common among users, and they are one of the cheapest ways to drive traffic toward a particular website at a very low cost. Affiliate programs can be in the form of pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, pay-per-view, etc. Whether the user has purchased via an affiliate link can be known through the website cookies. The commission is different for different websites and ads. Affiliate programs are also called Model programs or associate programs.

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15 best affiliate programs in India are given below:

best affiliate programs in India
  1. Amazon Associates: Amazon affiliate program, also called amazon associates is one of the most popular and easiest affiliate programs. It charges nothing for registration while signing up. The affiliate has a wide variety of products and services to choose from as it provides links to all the products available on amazon. Moreover, the commission is paid when anything new is purchased, not only when someone purchases the exact product from the affiliate link. For working as an amazon associate, you have to sign up on the amazon associates website. Fill in all your account details and the address of your website. You have to choose a unique store id and then explain how you will be able to drive traffic to the website. After this, choose a payment mode and start creating amazon affiliate links. The average commission rate varies from 1% to 10% on the amazon associate program.
  1. Flipkart Affiliate: Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce websites in India. It offers a large range of products and services. The Flipkart affiliate program is a really good way to promote the website and earn commission on it. For being a part of the Flipkart affiliate program, no fee is required. With very low-risk and high-return ideas, affiliates can earn a good amount of money from this program. The average rate of commission varies from 6% to 20% depending upon the type of products purchased. Flipkart also provides different tools to list the website’s products and the progress of the same can find out in the reports given by Flipkart. The referral fee that Flipkart offers to affiliates differs for mobile applications and the Flipkart website. For more information about the program, one can contact the Flipkart executives and they get in touch with you within 48-72 hours.
  1. Yatra Affiliate: is an online platform that fulfills the traveling needs of candidates. It provides information about domestic and international flights, buses, trains, hotel stays, etc. the affiliate program of Yatra works in a very simple way. It needs to sign up on the affiliate network and then you can share affiliate links to your website. The commission is paid on any inquiry made. Commission rates vary for inquiry and action. It is around 1000 INR for inquiry and varies from 250 INR to 1000 INR depending upon the type of action. The duration for cookie handling is thirty days and the commission paid is competitive based on the bookings. The reporting and tracking of inquiries are easily provided. It offers proper implementation of the program as the affiliate can start working quickly as soon as approval is made.
  1. Reseller Club: reseller Club is very much relevant for those affiliates who want to earn a passive income. This platform lets you earn approx. 2000 INR for each referral. There is no signing-up charge and it is one of the platforms that pay a good amount of commission. The period of cookies is sixty days and is based on a last-click basis. The affiliate can sign up on the platform tracks the progress and also manage the whole thing with the help of a unique id. The minimum balance that can be transferred from the account is 50 INR. The affiliates have multiple options for transferring the amount to their bank account through PayPal or bank transfer, etc.
  1. BigRock Affiliate: BigRock is one of the leading web hosting and domain registration company in India. Apart from these, BigRock also offers other services like digital certificates, email hosting, website building, etc. The affiliate program of BigRock requires you to sign up to their website which is completely free of cost. The cookies are valid for around sixty days. The amount that can be withdrawn is a minimum of 3200 INR. It provides an excellent banner inventory. The commission rate can start from 30 INR and goes up to a maximum of 10000 INR for each sale. The commission can be 30% of each sale made depending upon the type of product sold. The Bluehost affiliate program is also a part of the BigRock affiliate program and you can sign up for it also.
  1. ClickBank: ClickBank offers different types of digital products along with some physical products to be promoted by affiliates. Mainly it deals with digital products and some of its products are very unique and can’t be found on other platforms. There is no fee for signing up and the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 760 INR approx. you can choose from 760 INR and above for payout purposes. There are various categories under which ClickBank puts its products and the affiliates can choose from the categories of featured products. It offers high commission rates which depend upon the kind of seller you are dealing with. One main advantage of this platform is that it offers you to take weekly payments.
  1. Optimise: optimize has been one of the leading platforms for the affiliate program as it has tie-ups with many top companies like Paytm, Samsung, etc. This is very much suitable for affiliates whose websites are hosted for people from foreign countries. There is no singing amount and cookies remain for thirty to sixty days. The minimum amount of payout is dependent on the choice of advertisers. The commission rates are very competitive and it offers quick payout services to the affiliates. Insights are provided about the whereabouts of the customers. It provides real-time details of tracking sales and earnings of commission on the dashboard.
  1. Cuelinks: Cuelinks has proved to be the best platform for people who uses WordPress as it provides a free plugin to WordPress to make the affiliate process simple. The process is made simpler as Cuelinks uses JavaScript with the help of which the links can be automatically inserted into your website. The relevant link will get inserted into the relevant keyword on the website. The minimum payout is 500 INR and the cookie duration is seven days. It provides unlimited access to the tools used for managing links. It has proved to be the best platform for combined reporting. You can have in-depth insights for audiences.
  1. VCommission: vCommission is another platform for an affiliate program with over 18000+ affiliates. It has associations with top leading websites and has over 14000 publications offering different commission rates. This can be used only when the content of your website is written in English language only. The duration of cookies depends upon the product offered and there are several products to choose from. The rates of the commission depend upon the type of products and it offers to withdraw monthly. The minimum amount of payout is around 5000 INR.
  1. AWeber: AWeber is one of the best platforms for those who want to have insight into emails and newsletters. It has an extended cookie lifetime of a year. It offers you two main affiliate programs i.e. In-house programs and CJ affiliates. There is zero cost for signing up and payments can be received via PayPal. AWeber offers various tools for training and different resources which enables you to earn more income. The In-house program can make you earn a commission starting from $20 to $150. The CJ affiliates are even better as you can earn up to $300 for each account.
  1. Fiverr: one can consider Fiverr as an affiliate program. It offers a great opportunity to make online income. Anyone can join this platform without any fee. Since most affiliate programs require you to have a website for promotion, Fiverr relieves you of this requirement. You can earn a commission by referring to different products and services available on the platform. This platform does not have an approval process so the implementation becomes much more easy. Fiverr pays a commission only when a new buyer makes a purchase. The cookie’s life is twelve months. If someone buys anything within this duration from your link, you will get a commission.
  1. Pabbly: Pabbly is a platform that offers a complete management solution to sales. It is accepted worldwide and the affiliate cookie duration is thirty days. Pabbly offers a commission only on the sales you made. It offers single-tier marketing only with a minimum payout of $50. The rates of commission vary between 20% to 30%. Payments can be received in monthly duration. Pabbly offers a CPS i.e. cost per sales program to the affiliates. The progress can be tracked on the dashboard area given. All forms of affiliate marketing techniques can be applied on this platform. The products can be promoted within forty days of their launch.
  1. Unbounce: Unbounce is a leading platform for landing pages. It enables you to convert leads into valuable sales and customers. The landing pages are created according to the needs of the users and are strategically formed to attract audiences. It has a cookie life of three months and provides a repeating commission of 20% for new user referrals. The users will get 20% off for the first three months of their joining Unbounce. The experience will be good as you will have a dashboard to track everything. You will get a coach with whom you can learn complete affiliate things with Unbounce.
  1. Outgrow: Outgrow affiliate program act as a content creator. It is one of the top affiliate programs and the prime point of focus is the content. One can choose from several personalized categories like surveys, quizzes, fun tests, polls, calculators, etc. the cookie duration is about a month. The affiliates can earn up to 20% commission and 20% recurring revenue. They can also get a chance to get featured on the platform.
  1. Shopify Affiliate Program:  Shopify is one of the most reliable platforms for affiliate marketing and offers a good commission payout. You have to apply for the Shopify partner and after signing in, you will have to fill out an application form and then wait for the approval. If you’re already a Shopify partner, then you can easily apply for the Shopify affiliate program. The cookie duration is thirty days. All the information can be accessed easily with the help of the dashboard provided. Shopify also offers an affiliate marketing program.

Hence, affiliates should choose the best platform that suits the needs of their website audiences. Commission rates must be checked and the quality of the products should be checked on each of the platforms before selecting one. 

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