Best Digital Marketing Degree in India

What do you understand about the term ‘marketing?’ It is the activity of showing or advertising a company’s product in the best way possible so that customers are attracted to it and compelled to buy it. It has been in practice for a long time and is considered the key component for the success of any product. Strategic and brilliant marketing is required for the product to sell in the market.

Best Digital Marketing Degree in India

In the age of the internet, when there is another way of shopping, which is to shop on the internet, buyers and sellers have changed their mode of looking for products and shopping. To reach out to customers over the internet and lure them into buying a specific product of a specific company, enters a new type of marketing- marketing on the internet. It is popularly referred to as digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the lifeline of marketing on the internet where the internet and other online-based digital technologies are used for the promotion of their products and services to the customers. Here, brands are promoted in such a way that the customers using the internet can see them and be interested in buying the products and services in the 21st century.

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Importance of digital marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for businesses offering products and services for many reasons. Let us know about them.

Importance of digital marketing

1) More customers are going digital for research and shopping purposes. If a company indulges in digital marketing in the right way, it will be visible to potential target customers who will be interested in what the company has to offer…

2) Digital marketing is affordable- Digital marketing is more economical and cheap rather than other modes of marketing- such as the good old traditional marketing. While traditional marketing needs so many resources and huge capital, all digital marketing requires is good skills and the internet. You can do digital marketing in free and paid ways as well.

3) Easy to see the analytics- While doing digital marketing, you can easily check the analytics while being self-managed. It’s easy to manage and read as well.

4) Provide personalized experience – Digital marketing can provide a more personalized interaction with customers by using the data available to marketers. It will result in an increased possibility of the customer purchasing the product which is marketed to them.

5) The widening scope- More and more people are opting to go digital every day. You simply cannot ignore the power of the internet and digital marketing. That is why it is a great time to learn the skill of digital marketing.

Now that we know the power and importance digital marketing holds, we should also be aware of the ever-growing widening scope of digital marketing in India. India has over 800 million active internet users, so it is natural for India to be a hotspot for e-commerce and all things related.

To become a digital marketer in India, you need to obtain a degree in Digital Marketing from a reputed university, institute, or website. There are several aspects of digital marketing such as ads, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Take a look at the best digital marketing degrees in India.

ISB – Indian School of Business

It is the premier Institute in India offering a digital marketing course.

Indian school of Business is Ranked number 1 in India for research. It is one of the most prestigious institutes in India and Asia. To give you a perspective, this institute is ranked as the 5th best institute in Asia. They provide a digital marketing course that helps students to learn digital strategies and practices. Indian School of Business has an impressive 11K strong Alumni status in a respectable job profile. Many of them are entrepreneurs too!

The benefits and features of pursuing the digital marketing course from ISB are-

They provide 128 recorded videos from ISB faculty who are highly experienced and incredibly respected.

You get a total of 20 assignments and quizzes to complete which are made by the faculty.

You are provided with more than 6 case studies to read and perform a detailed analysis on.

There are 10+ Discussion boards held during the duration of this course.

The ISB provides 21 online live sessions with Eruditus Programme leaders to better understand the digital marketing space from the industry’s best.

They conduct 3 workshops for Job placements.

The ISB’s digital marketing course covers the following topics-

Module 1 – It covers the basics such as Marketing in the Digital world and its scopes, aspects, methods, etc.

Module 2 – This module talks about the Customers you’ll be serving or targeting in the Digital world.

Module 3 – This module talks about the Customer’s journey in the digital landscape in depth for a better understanding of their actions and building potential personalized marketing strategies.

Module 4 – It teaches you various methods about Reaching and Engaging the customer to frame strategies.

Module 5 – Here, Making Digital work including strategies for paid Ad campaigns is the main focus. You are taught about paid ad campaigns and how to work on them in detail.

Module 6 – This module teaches you about using free methods for digital marketing like  E-mail, Display, and Social media advertising.

Module 7 – Now, it becomes a little complicated but interesting. This module teaches you about all the Strategies and Evaluations including metrics and ROI which are required for a better understanding of the digital marketing space.

Module 8 – Here we learn all about Digital strategy and analytics.

Module 9 – In module 9, we talk about Digital Marketing courses in India as well as different Strategies, Planning, and Execution for Digital marketing.

Module 10 – This module is all about the future. We learn about Emerging technologies for digital marketing shortly and how we can benefit from it by first mover advantage.

Fee details-

The program fee is Rs 1,00,000 + GST for 3 months. It is an online type of course with classes of 4-6 hours per week.

The next digital marketing course we’ll be looking at is an online type, highly reputed course. It is the Digital scholar’s digital marketing course.

Digital Scholar – Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

digital marketing

Digital Scholar is an agency that is partnered with 2 of the big 4 tech companies – Facebook and Google. They provide incredible placement assistance and are an agency-style institute. They provide many perks such as lifetime community support, exclusive discounts on various useful tools, and learning from the industry’s best and most experienced digital marketing practitioners.

There are several benefits and features of pursuing this particular course such as-

Since this is a live online type, of course, the classes are held on zoom, making it accessible.

All of the live classes will be recorded and will be available for a total of 6 months after the course is completed.

They provide excellent study materials and lifetime access to LMS.

Since digital marketing is a much more hands-on skill to be learned, they provide practical training along with skill-based learning which is highly necessary for this course.

The digital scholar’s digital marketing course covers the following topics in different modules –

Module 1 – The first module of this course covers the fundamentals and orientation along with the history and basics of digital marketing.

Module 2 – This module teaches us about the importance and ways of Personal branding on the internet.

Module 3 – This module talks about all aspects of Content writing and how to do it concerning digital marketing.

Module 4 – Here, we learn all about WordPress management.

Module 5 – Now comes the key topic in any digital marketing course, which is Search engine optimization or SEO.

Module 6 – Here we learn about one way of doing paid digital marking which is Facebook and Instagram ads.

Module 7 – In this module, we learn about Search engine marketing.

Module 8 – We learn about another free way of digital marketing, which is Email marketing.

Module 9 – This module includes Animation concerning digital marketing and how we can use it.

Module 10 – Here we get to know about The Sales funnel.

Module 11 – This module includes all about  LinkedIn marketing and how we can use it to our advantage.

Module 12 – We learn all about Social Media Management including its importance, benefits, and usage in module 12 of this course.

Module 13 – The 13th module is based on the art of Instagram Influencer mastery.

Module 14 – Here, we talk about Agency management and its use, benefits, and features.

Module 15 – The last module wraps up the journey of digital marketing with a few other skills such as International Freelancing

Specialization courses include Copywriting, E-commerce marketing, and making money online from these skills.

Fees details

The duration of this course is for 3 months with a payable fee of Rs 33,000  excluding Taxes for the advanced digital marketing course in India.

The complete package is 75,000 excluding taxes, which is currently on offer at 50%, which brings down the fee to Rs39,500.

You can also find digital marketing courses on Udemy


Q) What are the different career options available in India for digital marketing?

As India has a huge internet user base, there is a very wide scope in all things digital, and digital marketing sits at the top of the pyramid. There are several different options in digital marketing that you can pursue as a career like a web developer, content writer, Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, Web designer, Video production and marketing, Pay per click (PPC) professional, Social Media Executive manager, Social media marketing specialist, Search engine marketing (SEM) specialist, Email marketer, Digital agency account manager, Content creator for audio and video, Automation expert, Data analyst, SEO specialist for the voice assistants, copywriting, Graphic designer and

Q) What are the advantages of digital marketing?

There are several advantages of digital marketing –

• It is cost-effective, unlike traditional marketing.

• Proper customized strategy on social media and other platforms across the internet will help you as a brand as you will be providing the customer with a personalized experience.

• The conversion rate from promotion to purchase is much better.

• Online access makes your customer base wider as you are in a global market.

Q) What are the disadvantages of digital marketing?

Everything has its pros and cons and digital marketing is no less. The disadvantages of digital marketing are-

• adequate skills and knowledge of digital marketing are required for gaining success in this field.

• To plan strategies that will work, it takes a lot of time to brainstorm, frame, and execute them.

• As you are available to a global customer base, it also increases the level of competition by manifolds.

• Online access allows the possibility of any negative reviews or complaints to be visible to target customers, affecting brand reputation.


These were a few digital marketing courses in India. You can find various other courses and institutes within your locations and online. Digital marketing courses are important because on completion you receive certifications. Certifications add value to your resume.

The certifications are credit that supports your knowledge. There are various certifications available from diploma, Post-graduation, and short-term certifications. You can do certification, become a professional digital marketer, work for your own business, or be a freelancer.

Certifications support because you learn all the skills from basic to advanced. Learn how to improve your advertising, and your website and gain traffic to your site. You can also watch videos and tutorials for free to gain knowledge in digital marketing courses in India. However, free courses may or may not provide certifications. You can choose your course duration and institute as per the requirement and your course coverage.

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