Top 10 Best Educational Podcasts for 2023 – Listen and Learn

Wondering what we have got on our list of best educational podcasts in 2023? Well, have some patience! We will get to it in no time.

Remember the saying, ‘Books are our best friends?’ Well in the 21st century, anyone on the internet who speaks the words of wisdom and teaches us literally anything new will become our new best friends. The good thing is, we have a lot of best friends on the internet, and they tell us about a lot of different, unique things.

Listen and Learn: 10 Best Educational Podcasts for 2023

It can be from how to make your favourite type of pasta to how to indulge in the stock market to how Hitler carried out such a huge campaign of hatred against Jews that turned into WW2. These teachings which are available to us via audio on many applications like YouTube, Spotify, or apple music are referred to as a podcast. Whether it’s catching up on the current news, indulging in a criminal investigation, or listening to real-life stories and experiences, there’s a podcast for everything.

We use podcasts for different purposes. To kill time and to learn something informative or to just listen to podcasts for pleasure. Let’s focus on the second one for now- learning. There are infinite podcasts available that are made for learning purposes. No, I’m not talking about learning how to make your favourite recipe. I’m talking about learning something educational.

The more educational content you consume, the more intelligent you become and you have more knowledge to give and interesting things to talk about to people. Today, we’re going to be looking at the 10 best educational podcasts to listen to and learn something educational through the power of listening alone. You can do it while brushing your teeth, ironing your clothes, driving to work, or watering your plants! That’s the beauty of podcasts, you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 Best Educational Podcasts in 2023

Knowledge projects

The Knowledge Project

This has to be the first podcast for you to check out. The Knowledge Project is a brilliant podcast run by none other than  Shane Parrish, who is also the founder of a blog named Farnham Street.

If you love listening to interviews of extraordinary people with fascinating thinking and minds, you should check out this podcast. Here, Shane Parrish interviews some great people about the phycology and mindset that they use to go about in their everyday lives, work efficiently and effectively, live their life to the fullest and make the most of it. 

This podcast has had a well-decorated list of people being interviewed like Susan Cain and the CEO of the stripe, the payment processing company, Ed Latimore. It has a great episode with Susan Cain, too. It talks about the quiet revolution and the podcast is named, Susan Cain on Leading the Quiet Revolution.

Listen Money matter

Listen Money matter

To all the folks interested in getting some great advice, tips and tricks on how to manage your money better, becoming financially free and to avoid or repay you loans ( which everyone should be interested in, by the way) you should head to the Listen Money Matters podcast by Andrew and Matt.

This podcast is solely dedicated to making people manage their finances better as well as earning passive income, investment and ways to make some extra bucks as a side hustle, this podcast is for you.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of an early retirement and are looking at how to get one, you should check out their ‘How to Retire Early’ podcast. Another great podcast I would recommend is the ‘Invest or Pay off debt?’ podcast as this is a looming question for almost everyone of us.

Game Dev Loadout

To all the gaming geeks, this one’s for you. The gaming industry has been growing exponentially now more than ever, we usually talk about the gamers who play the game and earn fame. What we don’t usually talk about are the screens guys, who are the artists and developers of those games. They are underrepresented and the process of creating one of your favorite games is probably not known to you.

This is where Game Dev Loadout does. This host is hosted by a gaming enthusiast named Tony Chan. He takes his listeners behind the scenes of the entire process of creating a video game in the form of interviews with senior professionals of the gaming industry who work in making video games. They share their successes, failures, and their quest for making better video games with each passing day, month, and year.

You should start with the ‘Market your own Game development story of Michael Mony’. Money is credited with making Cathar games.

Over the wall

This podcast deals with everything related to the world of corporations, the business world, and startups. From the startup hustle to the corporate culture to the successes and failures of huge businesses to learning about the basics such as how and what is an IPO, this podcast is the go-to place for learning about all of it.

It talks about different companies and how they succeeded, failed, or stayed stagnant due to their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Rob LoCascio, the host of the show, does a great job and brings some of the best content to his listeners. It is A noteworthy checkout.

Stuff you should know

Stuff you should know

This podcast has a legacy. It is a reputed, seniormost podcast that has been running for well over a decade and still continues to be extremely famous. These podcasts talk about everything. Literally, every single thing that is under the sun has an educational aspect to it. History Lover? Head over to stuff you should know, Science Geek. Stuff should know should b your second home, Pop culture fanatic? Stuff you know is waiting for you with its latest episode!

Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, two geeks who love knowledge and trivia but are not an expert in any field, come up with the most insanely interesting topics for the podcast which are definitely informative. They explain any and every topic with such ease that it makes beginners understand it pretty quickly.

They have created over a thousand episodes for this podcast. That’s the legacy I talked about earlier. Head over to their podcast and listen to any one of its podcasts, I bet you won’t regret it.

Overheard at National Geographic

This show is meant for people craving to pack their bags and head out to go and explore the world. Sometimes dramatic and something hilarious, this show is meant for telling the insanely mind-blowing stories which were overheard by staff at national geographic’s head office (as the title suggests).

If you sit with someone who has explored the world, they will tell you the most random and insane stories stretching from the Himalayas to the Amazon. Well, this is the setting of every episode overheard by National Geographic, too. The randomness is bizarre. They will be talking about scuba diving beneath the pyramids one moment and about Thailand’s pyramid the next.

This half-hour episode will be full of adrenaline and sheer excitement and can be listened to while commuting to and from work.

Revisionist History

Revisionist History

A personal recommendation! The Revisionist History is exactly what the name suggests. A revision of pieces of history that were overlooked or misinterpreted. This podcast is hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, a history and politics geek.

The variety and depth of topics are fascinating. One night, Gladwell might be talking and deeply analyzing the infamous hug between US president Richard Nixon and Sammy Davis, and in the next one, he might be solving the Boston Tea Party. Go and join his podcast to go back in time and relive those moments, and be completely captivated by them.

Ted Talks daily

Ted Talks

You might have heard of the infamous Ted Talks. If you haven’t, you’re absolutely living under a rock. The Ted talks platform hosts people who have an expertise in anything from manifestation to how a rocket works, from astrology to how to make your time table. It is the absolute go to platform to solve your query and have a deep insight regarding anything and everything, no matter how useless or useful it is.

Similarly, The Ted company has launched an exclusive podcast available to apple users, to listen in to the deep and conversational discussions and lectures on topics which have a high chance of getting your attention.

This podcast is hosted by none other than the sensational and highly renowned journalist, Elise Hu, for thought provoking and mind bending subjects like Artificial intelligence, history and politics, to name a few.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

Probably the most popular one in the list. The Joe Rogan Experience is an all stop solution for things related and popular. Started in 2009, it was originally hosted by Brian Redban before it is being hosted by well known comedian and journalist Joe Rogan.

you will find discussions, descriptions and debates about everything that is under the sun. Be it opinion, politics, history, Artificial Intelligence, mathematical geniuses, everything is available here.

History of philosophy without any gaps

If you are a student of philosophy and looking for an out of the class and hands off learning experience, then History of Philosophy without any gaps is your home away from home, or should I say, school away from school!

This podcast gives you detailed explanation and accurate timelines about how Philosophy evolved over time and the teachings of great philosophers and their biography. This content is extremely useful and highly knowledgeable for philosophy students. People generally interested in this field purely for entertainment purposes should also take a took at this amazing and high quality podcast which i hosted by a highly reputed professor of late ancient and Arabic philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University located in Munich, Germany. His name is Peter Adamson.

Encyclopedia Womannica

If you have a thirst and passion of learning about the great women throughout history and the women who are exception driving force of change in the present society across different regions in the world, then Encyclopedia Womannica is the podcast you should check out.

These brave, incredible women we talk about have or are Cutting across different cultures, countries and centuries. The show does a great job in shining a spotlight on women whose stories have often been shadowed by the impression that they faced usually by men. It covers the trials, success and contributions of incredible women from all different walks of life, including mathematicians, poets and civil rights activists, to name a few.

Every episode is a tribute to a different woman and every month is a different theme around which stories and legacies are revolving around.

The 5 minutes podcasts are full of information, motivation, strength and courageous stories of these great women. These stories will make you feel inspired, motivated and will also make you believe in yourself.


What are the top educational podcasts in 2023?

The top educational podcasts in 2023 cover a wide range of topics, including personal finance, game development, history, science, and travel. They provide valuable knowledge and content for continuous learning and intellectual growth.

How do podcasts benefit learning?

Podcasts offer a convenient way to learn anytime, anywhere. They provide access to a wealth of knowledge on various subjects, allowing individuals to expand their intellectual horizons and stay updated on the latest information and trends.

How can I listen to podcasts?

To listen to podcasts, you can use popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or dedicated podcast apps. Simply search for the podcast you’re interested in, select an episode, and start listening. You can listen to podcasts on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other device with internet connectivity.


Well, there you have it! These are our 10 best picks for educational podcasts which will be teaching you about the different yet unique topics that no one talks about. Even If they are being talked about, you’ll find them in textbooks which are boring to read, let’s be honest. The podcast is a great way of getting across knowledge while doing literally anything. You can be working out and listening to a podcast. It has made education easy and a matter of multitasking. So now, you can’t even give an excuse for being busy for not listening to a podcast. The list that we provided to you is interesting, to say the least. It is enough content to binge-listen for a few months and get your mind running.

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