16 Best Educational YouTube channels to Watch in 2023

Perhaps you’re searching for a location to study and improve your abilities. Youtube is the perfect media if users fall into that category.

The beautiful thing about plenty of YouTube channels would be that they make sure each lecture is succinct and straight to the point. As a result, it’s simpler to maintain concentration and attention without growing tired or sidetracked.

YouTube videos also possess the advantage of being entertaining without being as disturbing as study groups could have been. Studying alongside buddies can be enjoyable, yet it’s also possible to become sidetracked and chat on subjects other than what you’re learning.

Last but not least, many students just consider it simpler to understand through either visual or auditory techniques. YouTube videos are more convenient and enjoyable to study than books since they offer both audio and visual support.

Many folks are unsure about how to begin or what they should watch. You may discover a listing of the most amazing educational YouTube channels on this page.

16 Best Educational YouTube Channels:



The crash course youtube channel was established on May 19, 2006. Their team has produced more than 42 courses on a broad range of subjects including- Philosophy, Ecology, Theatre, Chemistry, Biology, World-History and much more.

As of now, the Crash Course YouTube channel is producing a course on Black American History and Public Health. You might be aware of the importance of Black History in America. Through this channel, people from around the world would get the opportunity to learn more about this topic for free.

Lately, they’ve collaborated with Arizona State University to present more courses on another channel called Study Hall.



George Lucas, a well-known director, launched Edutopia in 2007 intending to enhance K–12 teaching. Lucas had hope for the future of Edtech even in 2011. His method for advancing in that approach was Edutopia.

They actively participate in discussions on how technology could affect schooling. In the past 10 years, there has been a huge change in learning, & Edutopia exists to inform you what’s effective and what is not, so you can assist your children to flourish.

This website provides a variety of films on many different subjects, with a focus on endeavor-based learning techniques. Edutopia YouTube channel has more than 199k Subscribers with over 25 million views.


Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. They teach various subjects, including Finance, History, Economics, Grammar, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and more.

With the help of Khan Academy, educators may detect knowledge gaps and give pupils the individualized teaching they need. In collaboration with College Board and the Law School Admission Committee, we also provide complimentarily, individualized SAT and LSAT practice.


Almost all are familiar with science, and many of us have clear views about it, yet few are specialists in it.

With a series of entertaining and understandable movies on topics ranging from the Higgs boson to why boarding a rollercoaster ride might make people need the bathroom, Derek Muller’s scientific channel Veritasium hopes to alter that.

Muller mixes chemistry and biology with physics, as this is the primary subject studied. You, therefore, have a broad knowledge of science.

If you’re new to this channel, you must consider reading the comments as many a time the comments are more interesting than the videos. You can also join their Reddit for extra discussion.


Since its debut on April 5, 2006, the eHow-powered channel has delivered a tonne of lessons, advice, and tricks of the trade.

Its instructional video on using a bike pump to open a wine bottle is just one example of useful advice.

This channel has been active since 2011, so if you’re just discovering it, there’s plenty to see. It’s also worthwhile to read the comments, which are frequently more intriguing than the videos or to visit Reddit for further debate.

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You’ve probably heard of Ted Talks, TED’s educational endeavor, which creates shareable, brief video courses for educators and pupils. It honors the thoughts of educators and learners everywhere.

The instructional films on Ted-Ed have been specifically selected to promote learning. They put a lot of effort into producing high-quality content, which results in their unique and imaginative films.

The majority of the films include excellent instructors and illustrators working together seamlessly.

A team of illustrators works on the network to bring instructional information to life. Additionally, it enables educators and students to adapt each TED Talk or YouTube clip into a lesson plan that centers on the subjects covered.

Users can discuss the courses in public or in private, depending on their intended usage. The future of education lies in TED-Ed. The channel currently has a staggering 16.6M subscribers.

Anybody may see their movies and pick up interesting new information.

PBS Learning Media

This channel offers teachers the methods, equipment, and professional development materials needed to make the most of digital learning.

The programming that includes social learning, intercultural awareness, and student empowerment has received considerable attention from PBS LearningMedia.

PBS LearningMedia started live-streaming webinars and online dialogues throughout the epidemic; they may still be seen on their channel, including their series that gives teachers resources for anti-racist instruction.


Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, who both studied science at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, founded the AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel to educate people about science.

AsapSCIENCE is committed to responding to queries that are not permitted in science class. Every week on Wednesdays, the channel posts new videos with themes from music, philosophy, and science.

They wanted to provide instructional programming for the channel that was entertaining and simple to understand. Videos from AsapSCIENCE generally last between two and five mins and provide funny discussions of technical topics like tardiness or brain fog.



The award-winning site Free Tech for Educators was started by Richard Byrne, who also publishes instructional films on YouTube providing advice on using common Edtech.

The award-winning site Free Tech for Educators was started by Richard Byrne, who also publishes instructional films on YouTube providing advice on using common Edtech.


  One of the most popular instructional YouTube channels is SmarterEveryday. Destin Sandlin, a renowned engineer and aerospace scientist with more than 10.3 million members, is in charge of it.

Destin enjoys using his films to educate others about science. He also enjoys problem-solving and utilizes his scientific expertise to do some thrilling things, such as flying just as the sun rises where there is generally sunlight above the skies to travel the globe in 8 months.

But the channel covers more than simply science. It strives to make learning about anything, from the mechanics of space flight to how dissociative symptoms function, enjoyable and simple for everybody.

A new generation of scientific Youtubers has emerged in recent years, and SmarterEveryday is one of them.

It’s easy to understand how SmarterEveryday as well as its competitors have become so popular since they’re fun and make difficult concepts simple.


Vox is a website that publishes news, but its YouTube channel offers a lot more than just the most recent articles and major happenings. Through a variety of original video programs, Vox analyses and explores complicated subjects, foreign politics, other civilizations, lost heritage, and contemporary culture.

The majority of these miniseries take advantage of Vox’s prominence as a significant news media outlet to establish connections with elite experts and professionals who can comment on the subject of the video.

Additionally, a lot of the movies are enhanced with captivating animations and other images created in the distinctive aesthetic voice of Vox.


A well-known and renowned instructional periodical with a long history is National Geographic.

For more than a century, they have been teaching students about geography and wildlife, making it a lot more than simply a magazine.

Numerous films on the National Geographic Channel on youtube are informative and intended to provide you with a fascinating peek into a few of the most amazing locations on earth.

Additionally, these movies can be used in the classroom.

Videos related to nature, science, travel, and culture may be found on the National Geographic YouTube channel. These films are excellent for learning new information or for conducting research.

The best videos and information for classroom usage are offered by National Geographic. Hundreds of movies are available on a variety of subjects, including tigers in India and penguins in Antarctica.

You may get an amazing video that is entertaining to watch and also quite informative. Quizzes and exercises to be used in the classroom are also included in the films.


it’s Okay To Be Smart, like AsapSCIENCE, explores scientific issues by delving into more ethereal notions like “What is impossible in evolution?” Joe Hanson, Ph.D., the host, engages viewers by fusing humor and sound scientific ideas.

It’s Okay To Be Smart encourages children to be open-minded, research their topics, and brainstorm and reflectively to address many of life’s unresolved questions.


Britt Mari and Kenneth are the owners of the informative YouTube channel Thoughtful Kids. They disseminate quiet, enjoyable education to young children information. Both of the content producers are psychology graduates who are passionate about producing age-appropriate, enjoyable material.

Their content focuses on boosting viewers’ creativity as well as their interpersonal, intellectual, and applying dynamics. All of these personality traits are ones that education may considerably improve.

The first educational and mindful YouTube channel for kids in the UK is called Mindful Kids.

Kids are taught compassion, which is the capacity to be present and pay attention to what is happening both inside of you and surrounding you before passing judgment on it or being engrossed in it.

Through tales, games, and relaxing exercises, the channel offers a selection of entertaining, captivating films that inspire young people to pay notice to their environment and surroundings.


Simple History is indeed an instructional YouTube channel that explains history simply. Daniel Turner, who founded the channel, is fervently committed to making history happen quickly and amusingly.

His love for past events was evident in the films he produced, and his audience responded well to them.

The most watched video on the channel is “World War 1 Explained,” a 15-minute movie that concisely teaches all there is to learn about World War 1.

More than 3.8 million people subscribe to Simple History.

This channel is becoming more and more popular as people find it more entertaining to learn about historical accounts by viewing short animated films rather than by book reading.


A YouTube channel devoted to everything mathematical is called Numberphile. It is led by Brady Haran and primarily focuses on Dr. James Grime, a mathematician at the University of Nottingham.

As of right present, the channel has more than 4.07 million subscribers. Dr. Brady Haran as well as other “number-loving” volunteers deliver the videos.

To go along with Brady’s other instructional channels, including Periodic Videos, Sixty Symbols, Deep Sky Videos, and Computerphile, he started the channel in 2011.

In collaboration with Dr. James Grime, a mathematician, Brady created several films about prime numbers. They created further movies on additional mathematical topics when it became an instant smash.

Each episode has a catch that draws you in straight away, whether it’s a question like “What’s your favorite number?” or an explanation of how math is being used by scientists to forecast the next zombie epidemic.


What are the best educational YouTube channels to watch in 2023?

In 2023, the most searched educational YouTube channels are Crash Course, Edutopia, and Khan Academy. These channels offer a wide range of subjects and provide informative content to enhance your learning experience.

Why should I choose YouTube for studying and learning?

YouTube is a convenient platform for studying and learning due to its vast collection of concise and engaging educational videos. It offers visual and auditory learning, making it easier to understand complex topics, and provides an entertaining and less distracting study environment.

How can I get started with educational YouTube channels?

To begin with educational YouTube channels, explore recommended channels like Crash Course, Edutopia, and Khan Academy. Search for specific subjects of interest, read comments, and engage in discussions to deepen your understanding. Stay focused, take notes, and utilize the available resources for an enhanced learning experience.


In conclusion, YouTube provides an excellent platform for studying and enhancing skills due to its wide range of educational channels. These channels offer focused lectures, keeping viewers engaged and attentive. Moreover, YouTube videos are both informative and entertaining, making the learning process more enjoyable. Today we have discussed the Best Educational YouTube channels to Watch in 2023.

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