3 Proven Tips To Get a Freelancing Offer On LinkedIn?

Freelancing is a unique job opportunity that has taken the rise in the 21st century. It makes you your own boss, has no fixed job hours, an unlimited scope of making money, and on top of that, you can connect with clients from all around the world, leaving room for exponential growth and success.

While many people are opting for becoming a freelancer, there are many platforms that help to bridge the gap between clients requiring services and freelancers providing them. Among these popular sites is a noteworthy site gaining popularity which is known to the world as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a website and an application whose mission is to ‘connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.’ They let users from all different fields make a profile on LinkedIn and look for jobs, connect with others in their field, look for information related to their field and get to know about what is currently going on in the industry. In Short, this American business is an employee-oriented online service.

Now that the freelancing business is taking over industries and changing how work is performed and executed, LinkedIn came up with an excellent opportunity for clients and freelancers to come on LinkedIn and simply find each other.

If you use LinkedIn (which you absolutely should,) you might come across several posts by freelancers which are put out seeking calls for work.

get freelancer offer on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, there are several freelancers as well as clients who do not spot each other’s posts due to some reasons which is a sad state of affairs, considering, both the parties are looking for similar outcomes.

The client is looking to get the work done and the freelancer is looking to provide his services which will get the work done and earn money from it.

Here are some ways by which a freelancer can get offers of work on LinkedIn –

3 Steps To Get A Freelancing Offer on LinkedIn

1) Go to the search box and type in your keywords

Yes, this trick definitely works. Simply Go to your search box and type out the relevant keywords which best fit your job profile and the opportunities you are looking for.

For example, if you are a graphic designer who is obviously looking for freelance work in this field, you should type in keywords that are relevant to the job profile.

Type in,” freelance content writer”

To get surety about gaining more traction, you should type in keywords that are similar in nature but different in variation.

“Freelance Writer.”

“Content Writer.”


get freelancer offer on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Search

You can also mention any specialized field in which you have experience.

Play around with keywords a bit and eventually, you’ll find the right pick for your LinkedIn profile.

Also, if you have any special mentions or are looking for any specific location to work in, you can mention it too. For example, if you are looking for freelance opportunities to work in or around Berlin, you can add it by simply typing out ‘Berlin.’

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2) Select the content tab to filter the results

You can filter out the results to your own comfort and liking but simply go to the ‘Content tab’ and filter the results as it fits you. If you are a content writer, the keywords which you typed will show you related posts on LinkedIn, so furthermore, you can filter out the results using the ‘Content’ Tab on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Filter

3) Sort out the content according to the latest results.

When you do feel like sorting out the content of LinkedIn according to your needs, you need to keep one thing in mind. The option set by default by LinkedIn for sorting out content is set at ‘Relevance.’

This means that LinkedIn will show you results that best match your keywords. The one downfall here though is that you will be looking at relevant but extremely old posts since no dates are fixed.

To make sure you are getting the right opportunity at the right time, you need to set the option to ‘Latest.’ This easy option will match your keywords to the latest, most relevant posts for you to look for.

To make sure that you lock in the most appropriate freelancing jobs for you on LinkedIn, you need to first make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and verified.

This is an extremely crucial step because the moment you apply for a freelance opportunity, the employer is going to take a look at your profile, with no questions about that. To be shortlisted by the client, you need to have a complete, optimized and attractive profile so that the client is charmed by your skills, profile, and you as an individual. Keep things in your profile that are relevant to what the client is looking for.

Apart from this, your best bet is to do things other than a keyword search and sorting posts by relevance. Build your personal brand on LinkedIn, you can do this by regularly updating your profile, posting relevant content, and keeping relevant things on your feed.

Also, grow your network and build relationships on LinkedIn. By growing your network, we mean that you grow the number of connections you have on LinkedIn. By growing the number of connections on LinkedIn, we mean connecting with people who are relevant to your field and area of expertise.

Also, build some strong relationships on LinkedIn. You never know which one of these relationships would help you score a good freelance opportunity or help you get ahead in your career.

One more thing to keep in mind, you can not get much ahead in the freelance biz by copying someone else’s strategy. This is important because every freelancer has his/her own unique selling point and an entirely different style, which would clash in case you decide to copy someone else’s marketing or other strategies.

Also, make a nice strategy for yourself that works for you even while you’re asleep. Basically, create an excellent strategy that will work on your behalf 24×7.


Q) Is LinkedIn a good and genuine platform for freelancing?

Since LinkedIn is the most popular website used by and for professionals, it is an absolutely genuine website for freelance job hunting. Used by over a staggering 850 million people worldwide, it gives you an immensely huge platform for finding potential and suitable freelance opportunities.

Q) What are the most in-demand freelance skills?

Answer- The most in-demand freelance skills on LinkedIn are Web designing, copywriting, Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and Graphic designing.

Q) How many people use LinkedIn in India?

India is the second highest user of LinkedIn, after the USA, with around 69,000,000 people. In the home country of LinkedIn, 171,000,000 people use LinkedIn, which is around 30% of the entire population.


Nowadays, freelance opportunities are popping up everywhere. One such amazing platform to find freelancer opportunities and suitable clients is an American company that goes by the name of LinkedIn. To be an affluent freelancer, you need to have a good marketing strategy as well as networks and build your own personal brand on LinkedIn.

You can also follow the following three-step method for finding relevancy on LinkedIn related to freelance opportunities. They are mainly to Go to the search box and type in your keywords, Select the content tab to filter the results and Sort out the content according to the latest results.

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