How to Get Freelancing Clients in 2023: 7 Proven methods that work!

Freelancing is a concept where a person is not committed or employed to a particular job for the long term but is self-employed. Self-employed means that a person works independently on a project or contract basis. Freelancing is applicable in every field be it content writing, journalism, consultancy, or anything. One has to possess some basic skills to be a freelancer. Both hard and soft skills are needed for this profession. One must have the art of creative writing, editing, good communication skills, management, and research skills, data analysis, etc. With all these skills up your sleeves, you just have to get freelancing clients.

How to Get Freelancing Clients in 2023: 7 Proven methods that work!

Freelancing can offer various advantages to freelancers. They can maintain a good work-life balance as freelancing is not a 9-hour job. A person has full freedom to choose his workspace as well as his schedule to do his work. Freelancers are paid according to their completed work. Some other factors are considered to form a payment base for freelancers which are:

  • The superiority of the skill set: the freelancer needs to form or have a unique skill set that is different from others. This factor is kept in mind while setting the payment for freelancers. Whether the skills are easily available or are rare and of technical nature. Freelancers involved in services that require more technicality may charge a higher price than others like programming, application development, web designing, etc.
  • Training: Training and education in service play a vital role for a freelancer. This majorly affects the price sequential of freelancers. More training and education in a particular field of freelancing would make him different from the rest of the people in the same industry.
  • Experience: More experience in the service the freelancer is providing will surely reap a good amount of fee from the clients. More experience means more expertise in the service and more expertise means better work from the point of view of clients. 
  • Reviews: Reviews hold a great place while making a selection among various alternatives. In freelancing also, if your previous work has good reviews and is verified by previous clients, then you might get at the top of your competitors. Validated work s urely attracts clients and also helps to increase the pay. 

Getting freelance clients can be a challenging task. Finding clients and then retaining them for a long period is a difficult task for every freelancer. One has to be very patient and positive while doing this. It is very unpredictable to know when you will be getting work as a freelancer and when you will be sitting free. There’s no surety of regular work. One has to be calm and composed while setting out for getting clients. It takes time to set up yourself as a freelancer in the industry.

How to get freelancing clients?

get freelancing clients

One should represent a skill set as a service:

This is the main thing that is required to be a freelancer. You should know about yourself, and the skill set you are an expert in. Then, the resume should explicitly represent those skill sets and what can be done with them in the present world. One should be confident enough in his/her skills and the genre in which they are thinking of being a freelancer.

The clients should be able to identify you and your services from the rest to help you identify yourself as a unique one and clients will get attracted to your services ultimately. Writing blogs could help in this regard. One can write various articles or maintain blogs related and relevant to your field to showcase the expertise one has in your field of service.

One should decide about the target clients:

It is very important to know about the segment of the market where a freelancer wants to provide services. He/she must be able to identify those segments. This will help him to focus on the target market. He can go through the research of the mar need about the segments who need your services.

Creating a portfolio:

Anyone starting a career as a freelancer or anyone who is in this profession must create a portfolio. This is a way to make the clients trust you and your services. One can create his portfolio simply by making a website of the portfolio to express his skills and the services he is providing.

A portfolio website can consist of previous work samples, writing blogs, or asking for testimonials from any previous clients. This would help prospective clients to go through your work and think about you as a service provider. One should make it very clear about his work specifically. It should be specific about what work you do to attract potential clients easily. It should include your best work samples of yours. It will highlight your skill set and your soft skills of being punctual as well as meeting deadlines etc.

Social Media Profiles:

One must possess a proper social media profile on various platforms especially professional applications like LinkedIn. A complete professional profile will help to attract clients. This makes them think about the seriousness of your work and the proficiency that you possess in your service. There are various websites where clients, as well as freelancers both, are registered and post about their requirements and skills respectively. One can go through those websites to look out for any client who might need your service.

One such platform is Facebook where everyone you know or are connected with would be able to know that you’re into freelancing. Facebook can be a great place to connect to the community of your work and let others know about your work. This increases the chances of being seen by more and more people.

Twitter can also be used in this regard. You can follow the right people involved in your industry of work and get to know more about freelancing services and making a mover advantage. You can also follow organizations or clients who are engaged in the same work as yours and get to know about their requirements or what they need from time to time and get yourself updated as well.

Connection with other freelancers:

One can also maintain connections with other freelancers of the same field or different too. This might help you to know more about freelancing and its tips and tricks. When you have more workload then you might delegate it to one of your known freelancers too. You can also get to know about their experiences and apply the same to your work also.

Maintaining relations with other freelancers can also help you in getting work. As they can refer you to clients that might be interested in your services. This can work in a great way for a freelancer to get referred by other freelancers. Clients trust it more than any new resume they come across. Always try to get the best out of your work to get referred to clients by other freelancers or people through word of mouth. This can attract clients without making many efforts explicitly by the freelancer.

Also if you have your own site with the portfolio mentioned on Hompage like this site, which is a single page and mentioned all details on the homepage, then it can create a good impact on other persons.

Creating a great pitch:

This is one of the most important things to attract clients to freelancing. The pitching must be precise and particular and simple and short. It is better to understand the requirement of the client carefully beforehand and then supply them with how you can fill the gaps between where they are and what they want to achieve. Emails can be used to pitch to clients. Sending personalized emails showing your concern about them and how you’re eager to help can do great.

Want to learn more? Here’s how you can pitch like a pro!

Freelancing platforms:

Being registered on various freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer India, etc. can help the freelancers to get clients. The freelancers can search in the search bar for various clients and work related to their service. One must upload his latest portfolio on these platforms too to attract clients so that they might take a look at his work. One can also contact directly to the clients about it and participate in various networking events where they could meet prospective clients and project owners. 

 freelance platforms

Hence, in a nutshell, freelancers should make themselves experts in their services and make an impressive portfolio. They must showcase their skills and work in a presentable way that would help them to get clients for their work. Relationship building is very important in freelancing. Relationships with fellow freelancers as well as clients should be well maintained whether online or offline. This could make the tables turn for any freelancer.

The hunt for getting and acquiring new clients should be a continuous activity even when freelancers have work. Because keep working and searching for new clients is a long process and it takes time to convert any conversation into a final contract. Freelancers should keep working on prioritizing the work and keep the search for freelance clients in the background running. This could do great in the profession of freelancing and keep the work going on.


How can I find freelancing clients?

To find freelancing clients, create a compelling portfolio, identify your target market, utilize social media platforms, network with fellow freelancers, and register on freelancing platforms.

What should I include in my freelancer portfolio?

Your freelancer portfolio should include samples of previous work, relevant articles or blogs, testimonials from clients, clear service descriptions, and emphasize your punctuality and meeting deadlines.

How can I attract clients as a freelancer?

Attract clients as a freelancer by building a strong personal brand, leveraging social media, networking with other freelancers, creating an effective pitch, maintaining professionalism, and consistently searching for new clients.


In conclusion, we’ve talked about important things to do when looking for freelancing clients. It’s vital to show off your skills with a good portfolio, figure out who your target audience is, and use social media and networking to find potential clients. It’s also important to act professionally, produce great work, and keep searching for new clients to succeed as a freelancer.

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