How To Make Money By Blogging in 2023?

Earning money is one of the typical desires that most youngsters have. When parents neglect the needs of their children for obvious reasons, many children start looking for some way to earn money. One of the ways to start earning is blogging. Without a doubt, there are some other ways as well, but people or specific students or people who want a second earning spot always choose to make money by blogging as compared to other things.

A few years back, blogging was considered just a hobby, but as of now and after the specifically the Covid era, people look at blogging from a different perspective. Even some people opt for blogging as a full-time career option since it pays best compared to many other jobs. But for a beginner, it can be a bumpy ride since managing something new, which he or she has never done, is causing much more trouble than just average. We can’t assure any reader how good he became as a blogger, but all we can do is provide you with an overview to get started with how to make money by blogging.

How To Make Money By Blogging in 2023?

What is blogging?

In entirely technical terms, blogging refers to writings, pictures, and other self-published digital creative works. The purpose of blogging was initially to provide a space for individuals to maintain journals in articles. Still, it has now been incorporated into the web pages of numerous businesses. Blogging is characterized by frequent updates, informal language, and opportunities for visitors to contribute and engage in conversation.

Similarly, to most other web innovations, owning a blog was perceived by many entrepreneurs as owning a widespread presence, and the corporate industry’s adoption of blogging helped increase the network’s significance. In contrast to being employed for work purposes, a blog writer can also operate independently as a home-based corporation.

Blogs, first and foremost, promote audience engagement. Both blogging and social media pages aim to connect the crowd with the content owner and each other further. Hence they regularly collaborate. Even though certain websites might contain chat features, a blog generally promotes more participation and conversation than a conventional website offers.

Secondly, blogs are frequently updated. Any tech-savvy blog where the blogger discusses the news, or a product generates a lot of buzz in the industry. Several times per week, new content is published on blogs. Websites periodically have updated content, but for the vast majority of the time, they usually provide the same infrequently updated data.

Make money by blogging: Is It profitable for beginners?

make money by blogging

There is a neutral answer to this query since it entirely depends on the person and the knowledge. The whole process to make money by blogging is done online, so the person needs to make content and post it more frequently, but that’s not just all. Even though the person doesn’t exactly need to do something, he needs dedication, hard work towards his content, and many other things. As of now, cyber-attacks are the most common and worse thing that can cause a lot of damage not just financially but also public image to a person. When any person or beginner starts blogging, he or she also needs to learn basic things about the web.

Even with all the difficulties, there are also a lot of people within the same field that helps her fellow person to help grow. As we know, the web consists of all people, which is bad and good, so many people voluntarily come forward and help a person in any way they can.

The process to make money by blogging is never too easy, but right now, many things have already changed and are also changing as you read this. So, all we can say about blogging for beginners is that a person with dedication and the ability to never give up can always start his or her career as a blogger. We can’t guarantee success. It is like some men said, “It is not just about winning; it is about learning from a loss and then never repeating it in the future.”

How to start a blog, and manage and control traffic?

It is quite easy to start a blog. Many platforms such as WordPress or Google’s Blogger offer the platform for totally free to make money by blogging. All a person needs to do is open a free account on either platform and start with his or her first blog. Content creation is the thing that a person always has to deal with. Apart from this, these platforms are enough to get going without difficulty. These platforms are quite safe compared to other platforms. Also, they have a very beginner-friendly user interface specifically dedicated to beginners. They give complete control to the user and don’t interrupt the working with anything at all.

Choosing a Platform to Start a Blog

The WordPress platform specifically offers a tour for each option to help a beginner to understand what each option does. In fact, you can build a website in just 20 minutes and get started with your blogging journey. Google’s blogger platform offers a simple, clean interface without too many options to choose from and simply just gives a classic look. When any normal beginner starts with any platform, he or she has the option to choose a platform that gives a dedicated tour to each option to help or a platform that simply gives the opportunity to start the blog. Both are good options from a beginner’s perspective, but it is entirely up to the beginner to get started with either platform.

There are many ways to attract an audience to blogs, like better keywords, unique and attractive content, better usage of Search Engine Optimization [SEO], and many other things. Still, these things need to be learned over time. Any person can understand them while working on blogging, but these things need and demand time. There is no way that a person just posts a random blog, and the audience is just eager to read the blog. This is a myth. A person needs to keep many aspects of blogging in mind. If any person claims to do this, he is either fake or worse. In any case, it can’t do any good to a beginner. We suggest avoiding posts or people claiming they can increase the views in a single day.

How do bloggers make money with the help of SEO?

First, blogging has many ways to earn, such as advertisements, affiliate marketing, and others. Many people have surfed the internet for many hours and also visited many web pages and websites. So, people also notice that on some websites, there are advertisements for different products either to buy or sell or anything that may or may not is viewed by the user within a few days. This is because, as we know, google tracks the data we visit, which doesn’t involve any personal data as claimed by google himself, so the collected information is basically used to show user-based advertisements instead of random advertisements is exactly where the process to make money by blogging comes in. There is a utility specifically for promotions called Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is, without a doubt, a great thing, but before going on this, there is also an important thing that our reader must know: Search Engine Optimization in complete form SEO. Many bloggers think of it as a random term and neglect it, which only results in their download. They blame the platform or audience, but they never realize the full potential of SEO. There are two types of websites in the market that make money, one is a blog where you write content like Skillcozy and the other is a static website like Filmy4wap where the pages remain the same. Both of them can be monetized.

Fundamentally stated, SEO is the procedure of putting changes to a site so that it will be more noticeable when consumers search for products or services related to the blog’s owner on Google and possibly other web crawlers. It is more likely that users will be seen and attract all new and existing viewers to the site. The further noticeable one’s web pages are really in the search engine listings. Understand the basic concept behind SEO. Any person needs an address to access any piece of content; in a blogger’s case, it is his or her website that contains all blogs. So most people around the world use google as their search engine, so logically a blogger’s website or blog site should appear more times on google and also on top of others so that when a person searches for a keyword, the blog comes first which is relevant to the searched keyword.

SEO is an important stage in making money from blogs. Bloggers will utilize this element to enhance the blog so that specific terms and keyword phrases are more frequently shown in web search engine results.

How you can earn money through blogging?

Of many ways, advertisements and affiliate marketing are the most common ways to make money by blogging. However, these are only some approaches a blogger might use to begin making money from their site.

The best approach to monetizing a blog would be to establish advertisements. But the user must be wise about that as well. The worst error people are making is oversaturating their websites with eye movements. Avoid doing this in any way. Alternatively, concentrate on creating tailored advertisements that attract clients without irritating them.

A Google AdSense account is required for users to begin making money from advertisements. Click on Sign Up Now on the AdSense page to get started. If someone doesn’t already possess one, they must set up a new Google address.

Before uploading the applications, complete all of the necessary fields. The AdSense team examines each proposal. When everything goes smoothly, you’re done!

Another way is called affiliate marketing, which is the act of making personalized suggestions to readers of one’s site and is known as affiliate marketing. Bloggers get compensated when customers use the specific link to purchase the item.

It’s a great source of income for bloggers because the information they offer will affect their buying decision. Making one’s blog a resource for educational material can help a business boost the know, like, and believe factors required to complete purchases.

The attractiveness of affiliate marketing is the fact that it doesn’t necessitate the manufacturing of products. Operate as a social media marketer for a renowned e-commerce business. Bloggers aren’t required to worry about making advertising material, shipping products, or providing customer service.

How can I keep making money through blogging?

Over time, any person can make a very small but critical decision to continue as a blogger or stop right here. Of all the people, a blogger, after some time, has already come to a certain point to decide whether or not to be able to make money by blogging. So as soon as the blogger makes up his mind to continue earning through blogging. As of this movement, any person now sees the hardships of being a blogger or content creator.

With the continued process to make money by blogging, certain factors, such as constant or regular posting blogs, engagement in multiple earning options, and many other factors, need to be maintained.

Several sites and physical publications will contact the blogger to write for them and pay you if your blog on a certain topic becomes well-liked. Through freelancing, one can utilize their skills and knowledge to generate income. For instance, you might contribute to fashionable living blogs if your fashion blog is successful.

You will receive payment for something you have been performing for free in this manner! You can add a homepage to your website with a memorable headline like “Hire me” to get customers to identify you.

This is a certain approach to monetizing your site. One can begin targeting several adverts on their blog when it has reached a respectable number of visitors. The blogger can establish a price for all this advertising and decide which ads will appear on the blog. A blogger may choose the quantity of advertising along with the type, and when the number of adverts increases, so will the ultimate remuneration.


Is it Possible to Make Money through Blogging?

Yes, it is definitely possible to make money through blogging in 2023, you can monetize your traffic on blog by placing ads or affiliate links.

How much can I earn through blogging?

There is no limit one can earn through blogging, you can say sky is the limit, the more effort you put, the more results you will get.

Can I pursue Blogging as a Career?

Yes, definitely, there are over millions of people who pursue blogging as their career option and you can also do that. But at first you should learn how this field works.


Today we learnt about blogging and also we discussed that can anyone earn money through blogging, the short answer is yes. Also we have discussed some other points in this post which is very important for anyone who are just starting their career in blogging.

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