Top 5 Best Employable Skills for 2023

Here are the five skills that can be employed in 2023 and links to detailed guidelines on how you can build a career in every technology skill listed here.

Entrepreneurs around the world are looking for employees who not only meet the criteria for educational qualifications but also have skills that can be employed that benefit the organization. The skills needed in your field depend on the career path you choose, and they can be very specific. However, there are some skills needed for almost every job.

Top 5 Best Employable Skills for 2023

Including this in your application letter and CV can increase your chances of getting your ideal job. In addition, this skill will be useful in your workplace and even in your personal life because each of them helps you grow as a person.

Skills to pay bills! This phrase applies to every professional regardless of their experience and position for years. Why? Because every year, technology develops quickly, the current role of work becomes obsolete or automatic, and shelf life is shorter than the skill to demand individuals to get a new one.

According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees will need an increase in 2025 to remain relevant in their work roles amid large-scale disorders.

Top 5 Best Employable Skills for 2023

The following are 5 that are sought by the top 5 technological skills in their current and future workforce. This is the skill that can be mostly employed for 2023:


According to the SKILLSOFT skills and salary report, 52% of IT decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region consider cyber security as a priority for their teams.

More cybersecurity professionals are needed to protect the valuable data of the organization and prevent cyber attacks.

Cloud Computing

This domain has become an important investment area for many organizations since 2017 to this day in the rapidly developing digital-first world.

The same report highlights that cloud computing is the main investment area for 43% of decision-makers.

So, equipping yourself with cloud computing skills such as DevOps, Architecture without servers, automation, and QA will improve your career.

Big Data

Arts and Sciences Collection, Analyzing, and Using Data safely to make the right decisions, data management is a priority for IT leaders.

But the organization struggles to find talents that meet the requirements to fill large data work and in Asia-Pacific alone, in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 23% of respondents said the same thing.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML have become part of our daily lives.

They significantly encourage automation that simplifies the system in all industries that require the organization to continue to find skilled professionals in this field.

The role of work in this segment will be prioritized by 34% of the Asia-Pacific leaders.

Internet of Things

With more and more devices connected today and the level of adoption soaring, IoT has become a hot new technology for business.

From the growth period from 2015 to 2021, IoT devices have tripled and so are the requirements for IoT engineers.

But this is one of the weaker skills as reported by the organization either because of the adoption of the initial stages or lack of skilled professionals.

Apart from these technological skills, people who want to start or advance their careers also need to focus on power skills.

Skills such as analytic and critical thinking, complex problem solving, leadership, and social influence are touted as future skills in the view of the 2023 world economic forum.

The best work skills that will make you a job


Technology skills
Technology becomes inseparable from our lives so entrepreneurs expect you to have technical skills that are relevant to the industry. For example, Excel and G-Suite knowledge is a requirement for many non-technical roles as well. If you invest your time in learning the right technical skills, you will attract a role of a good salary. In addition, updating your pile of technical skills will help you stay relevant in the future.

There are 62% of entrepreneurs think that problem solving is an important skill to be employed. Organizations face new challenges every day, and one person can’t face all obstacles. They need competent candidates who can exchange ideas to find solutions that can be followed up for business challenges.

Problem-solving includes analyzing facts and data and also making and applying solutions. Great problems are efficient in recognizing and defining challenges, designing plans, and implementing them perfectly.

The only thing that is constant in the world today is change. This fact also applies to the business world, where everything continues to change, and people need to quickly adapt to developing scenarios. Along with changes in industrial scenes, companies often experience internal changes as well. Thus, professionals must identify the most relevant skills in the industry/company and must learn how to adapt to remain at the top of their game.

The ability to adapt not only to receive and follow changes. This also learns and improves. Someone must learn from their previous mistakes and rediscover themselves to return stronger. If you can do that, you have something that most employers want!

Communication skills
Communication skills help you find success in your professional and personal life. Communicating is important because what is the use of your idea if you cannot convey it to others? That’s in vain! Someone who can articulate their ideas clearly to all stakeholders involved is a true asset to any company.

As a good communicator, you must know how to listen, empathize, make logical conclusions, speak according to your audience, and build relationships. Excellent communication skills benefit the company because it promises clear interactions without space for doubt or confusion.

Enthusiasm & Collaboration of the Team
Interacting and collaborating with your colleagues is a must in any work setting, both in the office or work location-from-house. Great team strength lies in the level of strength and collaboration of each member. A good team can reach more than just an individual employee. This is why the organization is looking for candidates with team enthusiasm and a collaborative mindset. Collaboration skills become important if your dream work requires a lot of daily interactions with other colleagues.

Organizational skills
When you are arranged, you can focus on the tasks given without thinking about ten different things simultaneously. Planning your schedule according to your priority will make you feel motivated and productive. As an organized individual, you are more likely to use company resources, mental capacity, and company physical space. These characteristics help you become a very employed person, someone who cannot be ignored by the recruitment.

Time management
Time is money. If you cannot handle your time efficiently, you are at stake. Someone who manages their time well can live a balanced life without sacrificing their personal or professional lives. This allows them to achieve a balance of work and life.

Employers see time management as an extension of other expertise known as resource management, where time and efforts are very important. Someone good at time management knows how to use the resources that are optimally available, form a schedule that can be followed up, and reach a milestone.

Learning and increasing is a learning process that never ends. In a fast-changing industry, studying new things and the latest methodologies/technology to remain relevant in this game is needed. Professional courses are the best way to improve and obtain skills and knowledge that are trending. For example, if you are in the IT sector, the MSC title in computer science from Liverpool John Moores University will make you a very quality and skilled candidate in the field.

Things that communicate the mentality of learning for the rest of your life are smooth but seen by entrepreneurs. This can be a new hobby that you start, your willingness to join a volunteer group, or completing an online course.

Take the initiative
Many of us only do what is ordered, but only a few come out of their path to do something without being asked. This behaviour shows your dedication to your profession and organization. Taking the initiative can be as simple as suggesting improvements in new projects that your company has done. As someone quite new to labor, this is an important skill that you must develop.

Employers employ different people for various work profiles in the company to avoid micromanagement. The only way to overcome this problem is to employ people who are good at self-management. An individual who is good at managing himself does not need anyone to examine him-they are always above their deadline. Also, if necessary, they can delegate tasks to others to complete the work.

Analytical Thinking Skills
Analytical skills are very important because they help in finding and solving problems. Someone with good analytical skills is arranged and can easily break the task into several sets to make it easier. They are also sharp observers, who make them oriented to details in all their efforts. An important part of analytic thinking is processing information, but it starts with collecting data, and analytical thinkers are both with it. Analytical thinking is all about the following things:

Points to Remember to While Doing Any Job

Grow consistently

Analytical thinking helps to see every setback differently, where the person analyzes problems and learns from failure. A very good example of this is Domino, a company that initially failed but sat down and improved the quality of its food with feedback and constructive criticism.

Thinking forward

When we say someone is visionary, that means they have calculated future results with their best abilities. Planning also requires a lot of analytical thoughts, so this is a simple thing that you can start doing yourself in everyday activities.


A logical thinker understands the urgency of the appropriate situation and plan. Knowing what to do at what time when you need the presence of thoughts and understanding of the organization’s goals.

However, people must also remember that analytical thinking simplifies things for themselves and others rather than making them more complicated. Also, people should not allow the thought process to hamper company growth, so it is equally important.


What are the top employable skills for 2023?

Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are the top employable skills for 2023 according to industry trends.

Why is cybersecurity an important skill in 2023?

With the increasing number of cyber threats, organizations need cybersecurity professionals to protect their valuable data and prevent cyber attacks. It is considered a priority skill by IT decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region.

How can I develop my communication skills?

Communication skills are crucial for success in both professional and personal life. To develop your communication skills, focus on listening, empathizing, making logical conclusions, adapting to your audience, and building relationships. Clear and effective communication is highly valued by companies.


Please pay attention to the skills mentioned above and try to develop them by making small changes in your daily life. The job market is very competitive, and only those who bring something to the table can land a good salary work that has a path up. And if you can pair this skill with relevant certification, nothing like that!

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