The Knowledge Project

This must be the first podcast you listen to. The clever host of The Knowledge Project is none other than Shane Parrish, who also founded the website Farnham Street.

Listen Money matter

You should listen to Andrew and Matt's podcast Listen Money Matters if you want some amazing advice, tips, and tricks on how to better manage your money, become financially independent, avoid debt, or repay debts .

Ted Talks daily

You may be familiar with the iconic Ted Talks. If you haven't, you must be totally underground. People with expertise in anything from astrology to rocket science, from manifestation to time management are featured on the Ted talks platform.

Revisionist History

A recommendation from me! As the name implies, The Revisionist History is exactly that. a rewriting of historical passages that were missed or misunderstood. History and politics nerd Malcolm Gladwell is the host of this podcast.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Most likely the most well-known item on the list. The Joe Rogan Experience is a one-stop shop for everything relevant and well-liked. It was first hosted by Brian Redban before being taken over by renowned comedian and journalist Joe Rogan in 2009.

Stuff you should know

It is a well-known, senior podcast that has been going strong for well over a decade and is still going strong today. This podcasts cover a wide range of topics. In a literal sense, anything that touches on education is included.