5 U.S. Cities Where Rent Prices Reduced In August

We know rent prices are increasing gradually all over the world. But dropped in some of the U.S cities.

Low Rent Price Cities

In New York City, The Rend prices for one bed room increased by 46.7% this year. Those numbers are still increasing other cities too.

We are now sharing list of affrodable cities in which price of rent reduced.


Des Moines, Iowa is on top of the list. Average rent price is $880 and decreased by 6 percent in previous month.


Anchorage, Alaska is second city with average 1-bedroom apartment rent price of $1,050.  Price dropped by 6.3%.


Chicago is third city on the list with average rent price of $1,830 for single room apartment. Rent Pirce reduced by 6.2%.

Forth city on the list is Irving, Texas. The average cost for 1-bedroom apartment is $1,390 and decreased by 6.1%.


Last one is Plano, Texas with average rent price of $1,450 and it decreased by 5.8%.

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