Banks Lose $500 Million If They Fund Elon Musk

International Banks Including Barclays and Bank of America are commited to raise $13 Billion in debt to finance Elon Musk.

Banks Loss $500M

This $13 Billion debt is to help elon musk in Twitter Buy Deal. Elon Musk stated some months ago about the deal.

Banks will have to suffer with loss of $500 Million collectively if elo musk takeover Twitter.


Although, Elon Musk put his efforts to terminate the Twitter takeover deal from last 3 months.


But now testla owner abandoned his efforts of terminating the deal through US Court in Delaware.


Elon musk also clarified that he will buy twitter at original terms. He cancelled shave of $10 billion offer.

Elon musk stated that He is not buying twitter for money. He thinks it's not worthful if He trying to buy some yacht and can’t afford it.

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