Best Platforms For Publishing eBook In 2022

There are many talented writers who are not well known in public because they don't know the best platforms for publishing ebooks.

Ebook Publishing

Smashwords is great platform for ebook publishing. You will get paid 60% per sale. Your ebook even might reach Apple Books.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing will offer you 70% per sale. You can upload ebook in any format you want on kindle.


Although, There is another well known website called Draft2Digital. The website ofering 60% commission per sale.


Lulu is also great ebook publishing site but commision per sale is quite less as compared to other.


Almost Every american know about Kobo Writing Life. Publishing company is very popular among readers.

Barnes & Noble Press comes with 70% commision per sale scheme. Reviews are great, You can also try it out.

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