Best Ways To Make Money With Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is very popular open world mobile game based on Pokémon series. Do you know you can even earn some extra money from it?

Pokémon Go Game

Yes, You heard it right! There are some ways that helps you to make some money from it. We are sharing most effective ones.

First ways is to Become a Pokémon trainer. We are not joking, there are many people make living by training noob players.


Those trainers are charging about $15 per hour. If you have some experience about the game then it's good to go for you. 


Although, You can even earn by Selling your Pokémon Go account. If you are thinking to move on from the game and then selling out it is right way.


There are many Pokemon Go fans that are ready to buy old accounts at any cost. You can charge whatever price you want.

The last way is to sell collection your Pokémon card. Pokemon go lovers keen to buy some rare cards.

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