Some Of The Common Money Scams To Avoid

Many people are suffering from money scams. It's quite sad to loose hardearned cash.

Money Scams

There are many types of money scams. But we are here to aware you about major money scams so your hardearned money remain secured.

Phising is top on our list. Mostly people stuck in this money scam.  It's email based scam that will convince you to share bank details.


Another one is smishing.  The mix of sms and phishing scam is called Smishing. In which hacker will ask you for bank details via SMS and Email.


Your are aware of Fake websites and products scam. In which they loot your money by showing fancy products but you got nothing.


Ticket scams is most common scam. People scammed by ticket seller on the street specially. You can go with popular platforms like TicketSwap.

You know every unemployed go after job advertisement. Some companies scam users by showing fake jobs ads.

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