Earn Money Just by Using Your Phone

1. Jobs2Shop

Leave feedback for targeted stores and restaurants and earn money. A well evaluated feedback is required to earn great money.

2. EasyShift

Visit targeted shops and restaurants and click pictures of products and pricing and share it on app and earn good money.

3. UserTesting

Test apps and products and earn good money. You won’t have many projects though. It might be 7 projects in a week.

4. Soap

Click photos from your phone and sell it on Foap. Foap lets you sell any image for about 5 dollars.

5. JustAnswer

Make money answering other people's issues. In any field you have knowledge about, clears others' doubts about it.


People are concerned about their privacy, but if you are not, why not sell your data and earn good money about it. Nielsen is the biggest market for such transactions.

7. Get Paid for Walking

Sweatcoins and many other apps actually pay you to walk. Anyone can easily earn good money with it.