Having no skills? No problem, here are 7 ways to earn money.

Data Entry Operator

It is one of the most simple jobs. Operator needs to enter data into the computer from a physical document using a keyboard.

A fresher can earn upto 19,000 rupees per month.


As a translator you have to translate a document language and deliver it. It is easy mostly for Indians and hence can earn heavy money translating documents into english.

Interpreters and Translators made a median salary of $52,330 in 2020.

Filling out surveys

Many companies and Government official websites pay their customers just by filling up surveys. It is made to understand their customers better for their marketing or feedback.

You can make as much as Rs. 1000 per day by only spending 2-3 hours daily.

Test Websites

As a website tester you get paid just by surfing through a certain website and explaining the experience.

Most website testing companies pay you $10 per test.

Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant typically works for themselves, offering clients expert administrative, technical, or creative support.

The national average salary for a Virtual Assistant is ₹22,544 in India.

Customer Service

A customer service assistant works for a company and helps its customers with their respective issues. All the knowledge related to the job will be given by the company itself.

Customer Service Assistant earns ₹21,915 per month in India.

Copy Trading

In copy trading a trader follows an experienced trader and copies his account. With little investment this can make you earn in no time with low to none experience and knowledge at all.

A realistic expectation is to get 5% to 20% annual returns from copy trading.